Drawings for a 16ft motor launch

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Motor launch drawings from an old book

These lines and construction drawings for a stylish motor launch come from a pre-WW II copy of the MotorBoat Manual. After all these years I trust no-one will be offended that I photographed them and made them available, and hope that others will find them as interesting as I do – the alternative, I guess, is that they become forgotten.

The forward section is fairly traditional and the central section seems conventional enough – but the aft half of the boat goes somewhere a little different, with styling that seems to me to have been borrowed from much faster boats meant to hydroplane. Yet this is a displacement hull with a small 3-4hp engine, and so I’d guess that the tumblehome in the stern is simply a matter of fashion, and that makes her a period piece.

I love the claim that this boat can be built by amateurs – I know some who could, but I fear most of us, myself included, would be well advised to steer clear of it for fear of wasting a lot of expensive timber!

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