Seagull for sale

Ian Standingford has been in touch to say that there’s an Essex-built example of the American-designed Seagull design up for sale on Apollo Duck.

Here’s what he says about it:

‘Hi Gavin,
‘Browsing on “Apollo Duck” I see there is one such for sale.
‘Boy Martin is well known in the Benfleet and Leigh area and seems to be in nice order… I would be tempted to buy her myself but have others to look after!
‘I note she was built by Leslie Warland, whose yard was on Leigh marshes, near the bridge over to Two Tree island.
‘As a lad in the 1960s, I loved to wander around this ramshackle place, which was home to several barges…one I think was called Edith & Hilda, and there was also a Dutchman or two, and many yachts of all descriptions in various stages of decay. No trace remains now. Does anyone else remember it?
‘Best wishes, Ian’
Thanks Ian!

Beale Park Boat Show: Bart Jan Bats shows a Nigel Irens daysailer

Bart Jan Bats BJ17


Bart Jan Bats has written to say the company will be at the Beale Park Boat Show (10-12 June) to show its distinctive Nigel Irens daysailer, the trailable BJ17 , which has a polyester hull with modern lines, a balanced lug rig (a single-masted gaff rig is also available) and a large self-draining  cockpit.

The company says the two masted lug has several advantages: a higher rig, it drives the boat better, especially in light winds, and the mizzen makes it easy to keep the boat pointing into the wind when hoisting sails or anchoring. Also, the sheets of both sails come together near the helmsman, which
makes single-handed sailing easy, while the rest of the cockpit is free of lines, allowing four people to be seated in comfort.

Some buyers may prefer the more familiar gaff-rigged version, however.

Bart Jan Bats will also be showing a Thames launch currently available for sale. It is built in cedar strip covered with 7mm mahogany, and finished with epoxy and a two-component polyurethane varnish. The deck is maple with mahogany, while the floor is teak with koto lines. The motor is a Volvo Penta 10hp.

Thames launch Ashling for sale

Tom Dunderdale sailing dinghy launched by 2010 Boat Building Academy students

Boat Building Academy launch December 2010

Boat Building Academy launch December 2010 Boat Building Academy launch December 2010 Boat Building Academy launch December 2010

Boat Building Academy launch December 2010

‘Proud builder’ and ‘thumbs-up’ photo featuring Ian Davidson’s wife Liddy were taken by Chelsea Davine and James Bird respectively; the last two were taken by Derek Thompson LRPS. Many thanks to you all for permission to use these shots

Emma Brice of the Boat Building Academy at Lyme has sent me the first of five instalments showcasing the boats built by the Academy’s class of March 2010.

Ian Davidson’s 18ft strip planked gaff rigged daysailer Annie, designed by Tom Dunderdale, is the first of its kind to be built. After a lot of thought, Ian invented the name Kisuli after the three women in his life, daughters Kimberley and Susy and wife Linda.  Then he found out Kisuli means dizzy in Swahili – apparently the women in question have have forgiven him.

The 18ft boat built by Ian and Keian Gillett, among others, has a shallow draft and will be used for sailing outings on Chichester Harbour – it is big enough for Ian to take his family out. It’s a pretty craft, and it would be great to hear how it sails.

Ian’s a keen sailor, and boats and the sea have always been part of his life and describes himself as a fixer with a thing about wood. After serving in the army for 37 years, Ian joined the Academy to learn a skill that he could practice and be proud of.

In the New Year Ian will tackle a house fit out, and afterwards will look for work as a marine carpenter in Hampshire.

Keian, who was Ian’s main partner on the build is a chef who gained a reputation on the course for making excellent bacon sandwiches. From London, he also loves sailing and is now off to Singapore to help a friend with the complete refit of a 43ft strip-planked boat, and from there will join another friend in the Sailing for Sustainability community project in Fiji, building wooden catamarans.