Peggoty Leg (1933)

More tosh about sailors and fishermen… this time by the ineffable Lesley Sarony, an astonishing performer whose career extended from before The Great War and continued into the 1980s. For this insight into the non-PC (and not terribly kind) way people thought in 1933, my thanks go to Neil Brookes…

The Sailor’s Hornpipe

Our pal Rosie Davis steps the Sailor’s Hornpipe in a live recording of the lunchtime session at the Frittenden Old Fashioned Night Out weekend, 2012.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the pub crowd asking her to demonstrate various ship-board activities, some of which are more serious than others!

The tune, of course, is the College Hornpipe, which is traditional for this dance. I apologise for my momentary flakiness near the beginning!

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The image is an 1889 engraving of sailor’s dancing. Copies are available at

Oyster fishing under sail at Falmouth

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Oyster fishing on the Fal film

This is a super short film about the sail powered Falmouth oyster fishery is by David Young of POD Films. My thanks to Jim Godfrey for pointing the way.

Take a moment to look at their other stuff while you’re there – there’s a particularly charming one about Flora Day at Helston, with its extraordinary dancing celebration to mark the end of winter, and the Hal-an-Tow ritual.

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