Jim Radford, 15 years old when he took part in the D-Day landings, sings his own song

Singer and songwriter Jim Radford was just 15 years old and working in the galley of a tug towing a piece of Mulberry Harbour when he did his bit yards from the the Normandy sand, and here he is, 70 years later, singing his own song in the Albert Hall.

It’s a remarkable thing to have happened, all these years later.

Radford clearly has what you might call a way with words. You’ve heard his song, but here’s what he told his local newspaper the News Shopper reported:

‘Mr Radford left the navy in 1954 and became a prominent activist and anti-war campaigner and is a member of groups including Lewisham Stop the War and Veterans for Peace.

‘The former journalist said: “There are occasions where war is necessary, in wars of self-defence or liberation – these are wars I would support in certain circumstance.

‘”But most of the wars we have been involved in are not.”

‘He went on to say he felt the Second World War against fascism was one such necessary case.’

Read the story here.

D-Day landing sites, then and now

D-Day landing interactive The Guardian

This before-and-after interactive photo layout published by The Guardian featuring vessels involved in the Normandy landings during World War II is well worth a look.

A tip to the wise though: to see how each site looks today you have to click on the image, or even better swipe slowly from left to right to see the transition happening in a much slower and more subtle way.