BBA lays on an extra woodworking skills course during August

BBA woodworking image

The Boat Building Academy tells me that their five-day basic woodworking skills course has been so popular this year, they have decided to squeeze an extra course into their Lyme Regis workshops this summer, from the 19th to the 23rd August.

The course is suitable for beginners and sets solid foundations in tool selection, sharpening and maintenance, wood selection and preparation. Students produce a range of basic joints including dovetails and framing joints, lengthening and widening joints. The fee is £625.00.

Contact the BBA via its website.

Bert van Baar’s Hanze Yawl rowing and sailing boat – some computer modelling images

Bert van Baar Hanze Yawl

Bert van Baar Hanze Yawl Bert van Baar Hanze Yawl

Bert van Baar tells me that the prototype of his Hanze Yawl design drew a lot of praise at the Beale Park  Boat Show. The images above were produced using the Rhino modelling software.

Plans for the ply and epoxy boat are for sale for €199, and I gather a plan is being hatched to a kit to build the boat available by the end of the year.

Another piece of news is that in February 2012 Bert plans to run another boat building course in which the project will be to build another Hanze Yawl – he’s offering a discount of 10 per cent off the €825 cost to any British student.

See an earlier post on this boat including photos of the prototype Hanze Yawl here.

Contact Bert via the De Bootbouwschool website.

Beale Park Boat Show preview: De Bootbouwschool boatbuilding school shows the Hanze yawl

Hanze yawl Bert van Baar De Bootbouwschool

Hanze yawl Bert van Baar De Bootbouwschool Hanze yawl Bert van Baar De Bootbouwschool Hanze yawl Bert van Baar De Bootbouwschool

Bert van Baar has written to say that at the Beale Park Boat Show (10-12th June) the De Bootbouwschool will be showing the good-looking Hanze yawl, which he and colleagues designed last winter during a three-day course on lofting.

With the aid of Pepijn van Schaik of Manta Marine Design, the school has now made a set of plans available to purchase; the boat will also be available as a kit this year.

The boat was built during a nine-day boatbuilding course with five people in my workshop during March – she is to be finished by the student who was lucky enough to win the boat in a lottery, although I don’t think this will be completed before the show.

The Hanze yawl will be rigged in the same way as Iain Oughtred’s Ness Yawl as standard, although other rigging arrangements are available on demand.

Bert himself has just finished a whitehall rowing boat with sliding seats for a Dutch owner, and is now building an example of Oughtred’s Kotik design for a Russian customer – it’s a streched version of the well known Wee Seal.

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