Cinque Ports watercolours by Jack Merriot

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The Cinque Port of Hythe


The Cinque Port of Sandwich

We have some jolly railwayiana this morning. High-class award-winning amateur boatbuilder, unassuming Sage of the Little Green Shed and man with strong railway connections, Chris Perkins has put a series of five scans of a series of prints commissioned for the railways of Cinque Ports by the artist Jack Merriot on his website StrathkanChris’s Little World.

He suggested should link to them, knowing full well that I can’t resist a nice old-fashioned artworks like these. See the full set, as well as some immaculate boats built to Iain Oughtred plans and the first build of the new Michael Storer Raid boat at Chris’s website.

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Chris Perkins Oughtred Stickleback canoe, Storer Raid cruising dinghy and weblog

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Chris Perkin’s Stangarra, built to Iain
Oughtred’s Stickleback drawings

Chris Perkins has kindly sent me this collection of photos of his beautifully-made Stangarra canoe built to Iain Oughtred’s Stickleback plans. The quality of Chris’s boatbuilding work is widely recognised, and some readers may remember that he won the 2007 Watercraft magazine competition.

Competitive types may be secretly pleased to hear that Chris, who is one of nature’s gentlemen, has forsworn entering any further boatbuilding competitions. But some even more important news is that his Stickleback project is to feature in the next two issues of Watercraft magazine, which will be well worth looking out for on the news stands.

Chris’s message was also a reminder to me that I’ve been meaning to link to Chris’s weblog about his building projects, StrathkanChris’s Little World. The list of boats that have come out of his green shed is becoming more and more impressive. The latest project featured on his weblog is an example of Michael Storer’s solo open cruising boat, the Raid 41 – see the photo pasted below.

See the Iain Oughtred plans catalogue here.

Also, kits to build some of Oughtred’s designs are available here and in the USA from Jordan Boats.

Photos of boats and ships from Scotland’s Loch Broom Lives

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Thumbnail from Loch Broom Lives

Chris Perkins got in touch from the far North a few days ago to alert me to the existence of a website presenting old photos of life around Loch Broom in Scotland. The photos include many images of boats and ships, some of them quite old. Well worth a look, I’d say – Loch Broom Lives Image Library.

Thanks Chris!

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