A video about caulking skills by Tom Cunliffe in Denmark

Tom asked if I’d like to post this video about caulking from his latest series of videologues – and of course I’m delighted to do so!

I particularly take his point about the skill involved in caulking and traditional boat building generally. Folks caulking upwards from under a hull have long had my particular admiration…

Caulking video with East Anglian Brian Upson

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What can I say? This time our hero Dylan Winter is fascinated as boatyard owner Brian Upson of the River Alde caulks a hull that probably needs a new plank or two.

Click here too for a moment of peace as Dylan fearlessly sails his fixed-keel boat up the narrow channel towards Snape. I really should tell him about the Blaxhall Ship before he moves on…

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Keep Turning Left Dylan just isn’t good enough to own a wooden boat

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Here’s a Keep Turning Left video about tides, caulking and why Dylan could not have a wooden boat because he isn’t a good enough person… I think a lot of us might be in that category!

As so often with Keep Turning Left, the clip’s funny and opinionated, and the boatbuilder at the centre of it all shows remarkable good humour despite the film-maker’s prodding questions.

Dylan tells me this saintly man is Brian Upson, and that he runs a boatyard at Slaughden Quay, Aldeburgh. More power to his caulking elbow, I say.

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