The horizons of Ben Crawshaw

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It’s been an entertaining and cheering couple of days here at Towers. Following yesterday’s jolly boat-nut’s outing to Turk’s boatyard at Chatham, today brought two nice pieces of news relating to the Light Trow: first that another Light Trow is about to be built in Australia, and, second, that a TV documentary about Ben Crawshaw’s boat building and sailing adventures made by a Catalan television company is now available for all of us to see over the Internet.

Click here to go to Ben’s own weblog post about the documentary including a link to the programme itself. It’s an entertaining and nicely shot piece of work, even if like me you can make out only a few words.

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POST-SCRIPT The drawings for the full-sized¬†Light Trow Mk2 are now close to complete. If you’re interested in building this boat email me at, and I’ll send you them – but only if you promise not to share them without my permission!