Windward-sailing Barbary pirates


Xebec pirate ship

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My canoe sailing and building pal Jim van den Bos sent me this link from The Times newspaper yesterday:

Here’s the TS Pelican’s website, which tells the story of her interesting rig; see also this article by Philip Goode, the designer involved in the TS Pelican project:

The whole thing led me to speculate how Continue reading “Windward-sailing Barbary pirates”

How to build a canvas canoe

Canvas canoe

Here’s another terrible temptation for all you winter-time boat dreamers.

I imagine you’d have to be pretty hardy to build a canvas canoe using real canvas these days, but people use Dacron painted over with a seal. I’m pretty sure there will be something on the techniques involved at Duckworks at, as the Duckmeister is himself a canvas canoe fan.

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I think also you might have to think a bit about this author’s suggestions about the kinds of wood you might use for various components – ‘thin oak’, for example, might now be replaced with ply of some kind.

Still, I there’s enough information here to build a fun and very retro little boat Continue reading “How to build a canvas canoe”

An elegant electric canoe from 100 years ago

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Gena is a fine electric canoe built more than 100 years ago, and restored in the late 1980s by her owner Robin Newlands. All the fittings, equipment and motor are original, except the controller, which was modernised in 1923.

Take a look at the picture links – I took them at the Beale Park Boatshow in 2005, and it’s a privelege to have some good sized images to show you all. Thanks for taking her to the show Mr Newlands, wherever you are – you must be very proud.

Also, take a look at the Thames Vintage Boat Club site – its members have put up many of pictures of their boats and some articles :