Breton ladies sculling

Breton ladies sculling

Here’s something you don’t see every day – Breton women in traditional dress engaged in a sculling race. May the best hat win, I say…

I nicked this from Chris Partridge’s excellent weblog Rowing for Pleasure, who got it from Francophile dinghy cruising maven and Dinghy Cruising Association president Roger Barnes.

René Quillivic woodcuts

René Quillivic

Have you heard of René Quillivic or his woodcuts? Neither had I, but now I’ve seen just a few on the weblog Adventures in the print trade, I’d very much like to see more.

It seems he was a Breton best known for his work as a sculptor, and created many memorials to the fallen of the First World War – but he was als noted for his woodcuts like the one above. I’m particularly intrigued by the way he manages to achieve a liquid quality with so few hard lines.

Read more here. My thanks to Malcolm Woods for leading me to this one.