British Pathé covers the D-Day landings

Such brave men. When I was young there were many around and they seemed such normal, unremarkable people. But they weren’t, were they?

Biddy the Hastings tub man on the British Pathé website

Biddy the Hastings tub man

Our friend Malcolm Woods spotted this little gem of a film showing Biddy the legendary Hastings tub man in action nearly a century ago – his tub and various cuttings and photos are still in the fisherman’s museum at Hastings, but this really brings his particular crazy way of making a living to life. Thanks Malcolm!


Tall Ships Set Out, 1964

Tall Ships Set Out 1964

The Tall Ships Race of 1964 leaves Plymouth Hoe with a good helping of British Pathé razzmatazz. The vessels taking part include Hoshi, Tawau, Etoile, Belle-Poule and the sailing ship Danmark.

At the time the presenter ruefully remarked that the British didn’t have a square-rigger – well thankfully we do now.

My thanks to Amy Davenport for pointing this one out.