A short video tells the story of Britannia and her replica, K1 Britannia

K1 Britannia, historic replica and rebuild from K1 Britannia on Vimeo.

A wonderful boat. I could just look at her all day…

Britannia Rules – a super half hour film about the Big Class and the J Class eras

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Brittania Rules

Britannia Rules – a cracking little programme now available from Channel Four’s on-demand 4OD gizmo

Don’t miss out on this – if you haven’t already done so, find half an hour in your programme to sit down and watch this cracking little half-hour documentary about Britannia, the Big Class and finally the J Class.

If you’re outside the UK, I fear you may not be able to see it, but it really is a super half hour of telly even if it is on a computer screen. There are several programmes here that seem to be worth watching, and I’ll report further at some point.

Britannia Rules: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/classic-ships/4od#2928477

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Four record-seeking rowers rescue downed pilot off the Irish coast

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‘The other guys thought I’d seen a seagull… ‘ This isn’t what you might normall expect from intheboatshed.net but I thought these rowers deserved special credit. Catch up with them at http://www.gbrow.com/

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