News from the Boat Building Academy, Lyme Regis, and from Charlie Hussey

(Above) Boat Building Academy alumnus Charlie Hussey’s latest project. She was
launched in 1892.
(Below) Another Clyde 17/19 lugger, Harlequin, in flight

Principal Yvonne Green writes from the Boat Building Academy at Lyme Regis:

‘Hi Gavin,

‘Thought you might be interested that Charlie Hussey (the student who built Seapod the Peapod during the last academic year) has just started a job restoring a Fife-built and designed Clyde 17/19 lugger, and has started a terrific blog that will chart the commission at .

‘We will also be launching seven (crossed fingers) student boats on  the 10th December at noon in Lyme Regis harbour.

‘They’re an interesting lot, both students and boats. Student profiles and photographic diaries of the boats are at The students started the builds in mid-June this year, and are also required to attend lessons and complete assessment pieces, so they’ve been quite busy.

‘I’ll send further details, and photographs of each boat nearer launch time, but thought you might like an idea of what’s happening on the workshop floor at the moment.

‘Very best wishes,


I certainly do – and thanks for the update!

Websits: Boat Building Academy

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The Hudson folding boat floats!

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The Hudson folding boat floats

Hudson folding boat at Beale Park Thames Boat Show, photographed
by Chris Perkins

The amazing Hudson folding boat floats! I hadn’t realised it was in a condition to do so, but these folks look suitably relaxed and dry for a trip on the River Thames.

Many thanks to our kind friend Chris Perkins for the photograph, and for the news that Mr Hudson’s invention still works well! It’s an interesting shape for a tender too, don’t you think?

Follow the link for more posts on the Hudson folding boat.

Nearing 200,000 hits in a year and a half

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200,000 seems like a big number for a weblog devoted a such a niche subject. It’s great that we’re reaching lots of people!

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