Onawind Blue becomes a Costa Brava celebrity

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onawind-blue-2 onawind-blue-3

I can’t resist showing readers these photos of Ben Crawshaw’s Onawind Blue at the centenary celebrations of the term Costa Brava.

They were taken by Spanish boating weblogger Amiga Atlántica, who I gather writes in a mixture of Castillian Spanish, with bits of of Galician. Certainly if you try to use the Babelfish translator on what she writes the results can be quite interesting. Ben, we learn, is some kind of horseradish – try it for yourself.

Spain’s sailing community seems to be taking Ben and his brave little boat to their hearts – though Ben is adamant that it’s OB they admire, not him!

I also rather liked his remark about the event too: ‘I’m knackered and happy and OB’s ego is pumped up like a balloon from all the compliments she’s received.’ Any sailor back from a trip would be delighted to be able to say as much.

As always, Ben’s weblog entries about the event are interesting and amusing. Read them here and here.

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Onawind Blue in fine sailing conditions

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While we’re still scraping bottoms and slapping on the antifouling, down on the coast of Spain our friend Ben Crawshaw is already enjoying some fine sailing conditions in his Light Trow, Onawind Blue. It’s enough to make a chap sigh… in fact, words fail me. Roll on the English summer!

To see his video, click here.

Ella skiff – drawings for making a model of the stitch and glue 12ft skiff

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Panels for model-making


Ella dinghy, lines and internal arrangement

The Ella skiff has made a bit more progress this evening. I’m pleased to say that we’ve now got a pdf file of the drawings needed to make a simple model ready to be downloaded and printed out.

The boat’s become a little simpler than the initial drawing showed. There’s no forward rowing position, for example, because I couldn’t find a way of fitting it into the panels above – and I didn’t want to go beyond three and a half sheets of ply for this boat.

If you’re interested in her, all you need to do to make a model is to take a printout, stick it to a piece of cereal packet, cut out the various panels and make up the model with sticky tape. Here’s one example of how this kind of model can look; here’s a second example made by the excellent Ben Crawshaw; and here’s a third example made by Woody Jones, and complete with little wire figures made to scale.

If anyone out there makes a model of this little boat, I’d be very grateful to see them, and to be able to post them here at intheboatshed.net!

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