An Ella skiff is started in Norfolk

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The cut out components of Norman’s skiff wait to be taped and stitched together; the model on his desk proved the principle

Norman Fuller has started work on the rowing version of the Ella skiff, a simple 12ft stitch and glue flattie skiff named after my daughter. He lives in Norwich, close to the Norfolk Broads, and I gather intends to take it to the Barton Broad UK Home Built Boat Rally event in May – so let’s all wish him luck with his project. It’s looking good so far, and I’m pleased to see he built a model first.

Making a model is always a good first step, not least because it boosts the builder’s confidence in the design and the process.

For more on the rowing version of the Ella skiff, click here.


On Barton Broad

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Nancy Oldfield Trust on Barton Broad

Nancy Oldfield Trust on Barton Broad

Nancy Oldfield Trust on Barton Broad

The Nancy Oldfield Trust enjoying a brisk breeze on Barton
Broad. Click on the photographs for a larger image

This is a Broads One Design, often called a Brown Boat, and they’re very common on the Norfolk Broads.

The Nancy Oldfield Trust is based at Barton Broad and provides activities including sailing, canoeing, motor boating, fishing, bird-watching and environmental studies for anyone who is disadvantaged or has a disability, and good for them – I imagine anyone stepping out of the boat at the end of this ride would have felt that life was good and that they were about ten feet tall.

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Japonica on Barton Broad, Norfolk Broads

One of the Martham yard’s Japonicas reefed down ready
to face the wind on Barton Broad

Steamer Falcon on Barton Broad

The Museum of the Broads’ steamer, Falcon

Broadland river scene on the way to Stalham and the Museum of the Broads

A typical Broadland river scene on the way to the
staithe at Stalham, and the Museum of the Broads. My
daughter loves coiling unused mooring lines. And note the
ubiquitous Broads mud weight!