Classic Sailing announces a special Tall Ships Race offer for 16-25-year olds

Tall Ships racing with Classic Sailing

Phwoarrr! If you’re 16-25 and can find the reduced price of €1495 from somewhere, this might just be an irresistable opportunity:

Participants will sail in two legs of the Tall Ships Race on the Europa, starting from Lerwick in the Shetlands on the 22nd July, then across the North Sea to Stavanger in Norway, and then to Halmstadt in Sweden.

My thanks to Mike Goodwin for pointing this out!

Building a birch bark canoe

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Traditionally-built 26ft North American birch bark canoe

I was very struck by this super post over at Duckworks explaining how Adam Wicks-Arshack became apprenticed to a birch bark canoe  builder. He learned his skills building this impressive 26-footer.