Artist seeks help – she needs rusty ships in dried-out-looking seas

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Ship in the dried out Aral Sea, photographed by Staeker, and
taken from the Wikimedia

We’ve just received this intriguing and unusual request from art student Mary Wharmby. Can anyone out there help her? I’m pretty sure that boat users who visit remote spots are most likely to be able to help.

‘Hi Gavin,

I’ve just found your blog and am really hoping you or one of your readers can help me out. I’m a grad student at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I’m working on my MFA thesis, an interactive ecological mystery game inspired by the Aral Sea crisis in Central Asia. The project is about looming water shortages with the prototype about the plight of fishermen when they lose their fisheries. I am trying to digitally recreate a desert seabed with medium-to-large old rusty ships that players will navigate around and eventually board. I need to photograph from multiple angles and am having trouble finding appropriate ships. I found your site by searching google for ship graveyards and turned up the post about the Staten Island site (which could possibly work for me). I am looking for a place or places where I can find ships like these:

The ships don’t have to match exactly by any means, just be in the same ballpark (old, rusty, medium-sized). A huge amount of touchup can be done digitally, but I need something to start with.

Because of costs, ideally I am looking for a place on the West Coast but if necessary I am willing to travel where ever I need to go. Please let me know if you know of a ship or location which may work me.

Many for reading this and for any help you can offer!

Mary W’

I’m sure she means the West Coast of the USA and I’m sure too that she will obtain permission from the photographers who supply the images and credit them properly.

So – if you know any ships that appear to be lost on land anywhere, can you help Mary?