Restored Kenneth Gibbs 14ft Halcyon dinghy for sale

Gibbs Halcyon dinghy by Abingdon and Skabardis

North Kent boatbuilders Abingdon & Skabardis Marine Carpentry has put the gaff-rigged Kenneth Gibbs 14ft Halcyon sailing dinghy mentioned in an post a week or two ago up for sale.

The sweet looking and snug-rigged little clinker-build sailing dinghy is on eBay, listed as ‘Classic Clinker Sailing Dinghy’ in the ‘Other sailing’category. The posting comes with lots of photos…

Abingdon and Skabardis get to work on a Kenneth Gibbs Halcyon dinghy

Gibbs dinghy restoration  (6)

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Kyle Abingdon of Abingdon & Skabardis Marine Carpentry based at Dargate near Faversham has written to say his outfit is refurbishing a Kenneth Gibbs 14ft Halcyon sailing dinghy.

It’s similar to one that Simon Papendick has been working on – see an earlier post.

Kyle and Maris (Skabardis) acquired the dinghy as part of a deal.

Her hull was in good order but she had a lot of rotten frames and rot at the bottom of her transom.

‘We have replaced more the half the frames – 16 – and repaired the transom.

‘We are now putting a new deck on her and then we will turn her over and varnish her.

‘It’s been a long time since she was in the water. Hope your enjoying the weather as much as we are!

‘Regards, Kyle’