Beale Park Thames Boat Show details and exhibitor list

Send this link to an interested friend: We’ve just received a press release from the people who run the Beale Park Boat Show – it’s going to be bigger and better than ever, and there will even be an arena offering entertainment for visitors. And this year they’re planning to hand out the show … Continue reading “Beale Park Thames Boat Show details and exhibitor list”

Some curragh photos

Here are some curragh photos I took at the Beale Park Boat Show a couple of summers ago. I particularly like the one where the boat seems to be almost on the plane, and the one with the mythic Gaelic beauty casting her nets into the water… As before with my photos, if you click … Continue reading “Some curragh photos”

The curraghs of Ireland

Here are some hugely informative chapters from an old book by James Hornell describing the curraghs of Ireland. It’s a most impressive piece of work, and covers rowing and sailing curraghs, coracles and a kind of long paddling curragh variant I wasn’t previously aware of. If you want to get into curragh building, this book … Continue reading “The curraghs of Ireland”