Willow of Harty, snugged down for winter

Snugged down for winter in Faversham creek last weekend, Willow of Harty glints in a brief flash of afternoon sunshine. If this is your boat, please get in contact with me gmatkin@gmail.com, and I’ll send you the much larger original. traditional sail boats; Faversham Advertisements


A great find at the Eventide Owners Group website

Here’s a link I’ve been looking forward to putting up about another Maurice Griffiths favourite, Idle Duck, which by chance spent much of the summer sitting on a barge bottom a few feet from our own little boat. When she arrived we experienced one of those amazing coincidences that sometimes arise, for it turned out … Continue reading “A great find at the Eventide Owners Group website”

Our first boatshed is a prince among sheds

This is Hollowshore Services, at the junction between Faversham and Oare creeks. Probably better known as Tester’s yard, Hollowshore Services specialises in smacks, and so this remote corner of Kent is a great place for sightseeing old boats and a few newer ones built in the old way. Many of them are moored along the … Continue reading “Our first boatshed is a prince among sheds”