Would you like to see your project here?

Just about everyone who comes to these pages is some kind of boat nut, and I’m a boat nut too. I’d like to make this weblog as interesting and useful to us all as possible, and I want to fill it with news and photographs about: •Projects about old boats, historic boats, traditionally-built boats, and … Continue reading “Would you like to see your project here?”


John MacAulay, Hebridean boatbuilder with an interesting theory

Like many Brits I’ve been enjoying the BBC television series Coast, which is made up of interesting segments about various stretches of our coastline. It’s been good stuff most of the time, and has covered areas of our coast most people never get near, such as Spurn Point, and it has often been illuminating and … Continue reading “John MacAulay, Hebridean boatbuilder with an interesting theory”

Nelson’s Praise: a legacy of music

Two hundred years after his death, Admiral Nelson continues to fascinate and inspire the British. One aspect of his legacy that is not often mentioned is the fist-full of songs and dance tunes composed in his memory – or at least re-named after him. A little time ago, I wrote a short article for the … Continue reading “Nelson’s Praise: a legacy of music”