Weblogs about traditional boats, restoration and boatbuilding

Tonight, I thought I should take a cue from Chine bLog and others, and write a little about some of the other weblogs that I link to in one of the panels on the right-hand side of intheboatshed.net. I’m going to do this partly out of politeness, as some of them have kindly linked to … Continue reading “Weblogs about traditional boats, restoration and boatbuilding”

Make your own oars

Oars made by Ben Crawshaw of the Invisible Workshop Tonight, I’d like to make a recommendation: Jim Michalak’s plans for making oars, which are themselves derived from RD Culler’s plans for oars. They’re easy to make, balance perfectly and can be made in any length you’re likely to need. But first I feel I should … Continue reading “Make your own oars”