The Wreck of the Hesperus

Perhaps because it was made into a film, Longfellow’s dramatic poem is today more often remembered in sayings and references than as a poem. However, it used to be a popular recitation, so I thought I should try bring it back to public attention. The Wreck has been a remarkably enduring meme, given that the poem … Continue reading “The Wreck of the Hesperus”

BBA students build and launch a clinker Paul Gartside Skylark dinghy

This 14ft Paul Gartside-designed Skylark traditional clinker-built dinghy made by Boat Building Academy student Jim Higginson with help from fellow students Paddy Uniacke and Mark Bestford is planked in slow-grown Douglas fir, which was also used to construct its birdsmouth-style mast. A similar 12ft Gartside-designed dinghy built by an earlier student caught Jim’s eye on a … Continue reading “BBA students build and launch a clinker Paul Gartside Skylark dinghy”

HMS Pickle moves to Gibraltar

It’s the bowsprit that hits you between the eyes. Clock the size of it: with something like that you could sail her into port and knock the back wall out of a dockside crimper’s best bedroom… The 73ft schooner HMS Pickle is a  replica of the 1799-built original HMS Pickle, which had the honour of bringing … Continue reading “HMS Pickle moves to Gibraltar”