A lovely memorial to Lella, Oare

Wandering in the sunshine around the chruchyard of the charming little parish church at Oare, I noticed this particularly lovely headstone. My pal Ian Carter later filled in with some information he found on the World Wide Web – it seems Lella was a sailor and journalist named Helen Jenkins, and two links concerning her memorial and how … Continue reading “A lovely memorial to Lella, Oare”

Gentleman’s yacht The Peggy comes out of her cellar after 200 years

The Peggy, built in 1789 for politician and banker George Quayle (1751–1835) one of a tiny number of vessels built in the 18th century that still survive, has been moved from the cellar boathouse in which she has lain for more than 200 years. There’s another video of the event here. My thanks to Chris Brady … Continue reading “Gentleman’s yacht The Peggy comes out of her cellar after 200 years”

A Cinderella in Colombia

An example of my small open canoe design intended for quick building, the Cinderella, has been made in Colombia. See the free boat plans page. Hearing from people all around the world is one of the great pleasures of having designed some small boats, and this one has certainly been built with loving care. Here’s what … Continue reading “A Cinderella in Colombia”