Overbeck’s Museum, Salcombe, and a few views of the estuary and beyond

Some photos from the museum at Overbeck’s Museum, Salcombe and a few views… The shots include: a model of a famous sailing ship Herzogin Cecilie, which was wrecked nearby a model Brixham trawler (and an explanation of their work beam trawling) a portrait of Captain William Port of Salcombe, master of the brig Phoenix a splendid phot of a … Continue reading “Overbeck’s Museum, Salcombe, and a few views of the estuary and beyond”

Quentin Robinson, ship in a bottle maker

Suffolk resident Quentin Robinson wrote a few days ago to describe his adventures with model ship and ship in a bottle making, together with this gallery of photos. Thanks Quentin! Here’s what he had to say: ‘I was at a loose end. It was a Sunday and there was a boot fair on, so I headed down to … Continue reading “Quentin Robinson, ship in a bottle maker”

The Rhoda Mary Project

Pilot cutter exponent Luke Powell is getting together a project to rescue and rebuild the 1868 109ft merchant schooner Rhoda Mary, which has lain on mud at Hoo on the Medway for many decades. She was financed by the old 64-share system in which communities shared in the profits of building a ship, and built near Falmouth in Cornwall by a … Continue reading “The Rhoda Mary Project”