Was the Cutty Sark dead before she burned?

Belem – the ship Adam Nicolson will never forget. Photo via the Wikipedia Commons and taken by Georges Jansoone There’s an interesting and highly opinionated feature article in yesterday’s The Guardian that made me stop and think, and may interest many readers of intheboatshed.net. Article author Adam Nicolson compares the static state of Britain’s great … Continue reading “Was the Cutty Sark dead before she burned?”

Sad news of the Cutty Sark

An old photo of Cutty Sark in dry dock Cutty Sark’s famous figurehead; Cutty Sark, Foudroyandt and seaplane in Falmouth Harbour (all images copyright RCPS) I had other, happier things to write about tonight, but like many people who know London well there’s only one story today – the wrecking by fire of the last … Continue reading “Sad news of the Cutty Sark”