Boat building and cruising inspiration from New Zealand

Navigator Jaunty and Pathfinder Varuna photographed by David Perillo Take a look at these photos – I can’t imagine how anyone could look at them without feeling inspired. The scenery is the coast of New Zealand, and the boats are a Navigator and a Pathfinder, both large cruising dinghies designed by John Welsford. Just as … Continue reading “Boat building and cruising inspiration from New Zealand”

Bay Raider – serious competition for the Drascombe?

Bay Raider I think Swallow Boats new Bay Raider could be just that – and a serious successor to the Devon Yawl and some other boats too, perhaps, possibly even the Wayfarer. Working together with a group of Drascombe Lugger fans, Swallow Boats has developed a new large sailing dinghy for open boat cruising. The … Continue reading “Bay Raider – serious competition for the Drascombe?”

Herbert Krumm-Gartner at Classic Boats Ltd

Herbert Krumm-Gartner says he and his colleagues just love to build, restore, repair and sail wooden boats, and finds the experience of creating a one-off each day hard to beat. He couldn’t imagine restoring even a ‘classic’ fibreglass boat to its original lines and specifications, carefully removing layers of old chop strand matt to be … Continue reading “Herbert Krumm-Gartner at Classic Boats Ltd”