Restoring – the basics

• How to plan a boat restoration project:

• The best way to approach your boat restoration depends on your aims:

Individual techniques

• Anchors – how to make them. Page 1; page 2;

• Boatshed – building one of your own

• Bouyancy in small boats – a key component of safety:

• Bowsprit setup:

•Bowsprit setup and fittings:

• Canoe sailing rig:

• Cartopping small boats

• Canvas canoe – how to build

• Carvel planking:

• Caulking:

• Clinker boatbuilding:

• Decks:

• Dinghy trestle – how to make one

• Engine maintenance, outboards:

• Glueing

• Helm impeder by Huntingford:

• Knots, as described and animated by Grog:

• Living aboard:

• Mast-making the birdsmouth way:

• Moustache and fender making the traditional way:

• Oar making:

• Oar making:



• Oar leathers:

• Outboard basics:

• Painting boats:

• Painting a canal boat:

• Reference articles from Classic Marine – understanding fittings and riggint:

• Roof rack extension – making and using Kellan Hatch’s wonderful gizmo:

• Hatches (Maurice Griffiths-style):

•Sail a boat

• Sail types and sail trimming (mainly modern):

• Sailmaking:

• Sailmaking for a small canoe

• Sail design basics:

• Screws – removing old ones, including those that break:

• Small boats – an essay in their defence:

• Topmasts – repairing rot:

• Varnishing:

• Wood as a material:

• Wykham-Martin furling gear:


7 thoughts on “How-tos”

  1. Huge thanks Mark – I've been hoping something like these would turn up at some point.

    That two-foot in beam punt is used for racing on the Thames – there used to be a really good pic on the Wikipedia entry on punts, but it's been taken down, sadly, and I can't find another.

    Maybe a member of a rowing and best boat racing club might help out here, if any of you are out there please?

    In the meantime, I loved this image from the Thames Rowing Club site:

    <a target="_blank" title="; href="; rel="nofollow"&gt <a href="http://;” target=”_blank”>;


  2. Hello,

    Does anyone know where this great image from the Thames Rowing Club site (it is offline now, I already mailed them) is coming from. Where is this painting hanging?


    Utrecht, Netherlands

  3. doe anyone know how i can advertise for sale what i think is a Montagu whaler .. i think i have all the masts/sails , accesories and even an old Seagul outbord that seems to be in working order .. been dry stored but in an open sided building so has flaky paint in places etc … im guessing its around 90 -100 years old ??



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