Johnny Nance designed and built St Ives Punt

St. Ives Punt

‘It needed to be stable, so you could stand on the gunwale without tipping over, and withstand the abuse of various feral grandchildren. They didn’t want a centerboard, as the boat would be sitting on the beach at St. Ives—plus they wanted fewer moving parts for kids to get their fingers jammed. And the boat had to be pretty… ‘


Berths available for Integrity Iceland-Greenland trip

Will Stirling has written to share a very unusual opportunity…

Modern-built Victorian racing yacht Integrity sails from Iceland to East Greenland in the summer of 2019. The aim of the voyage is to practise good seamanship and mountaineering.

There are two berths available for a period of approximately two weeks each. The usual conditions of engagement apply; nothing is beyond the call of duty.

Those interested to contact with a resume of relevant experience.