The Dinghy Cruising Association

These folks are some of the most real boat users one could find – small open boat sailers, many of whom are tremendously skilled and experienced, and more than willing to share their knowledge. Only a boating enthusiast with no soul would not admire them, and which boating enthusiast continues to be enthusiastic who has no soul?

Anyway, here’s their informative site:

I particularly like this gizmo, the Huntingford Helm Impeder and intend to install one sometime not too far away:

Huntingford Helm Impeder

Fascinated by a Swedish brunette

I was pleased and interested to see this Colin Archer at Mylor a couple of years ago, but what really caught my eye was its tender, which I imagine is as Swedish as its double-ended companion.

I’ve Googled around the web and found nothing about these boats, so if anyone can enlighten me, I’d be very pleased to hear from them at I’d guess that quite a few readers would be interested to learn more about this handy, characterful and dry-looking little boat too…

Click on the images for a closer view.




The delights of classic racing dinghies

The Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association races and cares for old racing dingies, organises meetings, encourages dinghy racing classes to run vintage wings and generally does what it can to enable people to see the old boats out on the water.

Essentially an Internet organisation, it also provides support and advice through a forum and meetings.

Membership is very relaxed, says the secretary: join the on-line forum and when you turn up at a meeting somebody will eventually extract five quid towards running the website.

The photograph below is from their latest event at Baltic Wharf, Bristol just a few days ago as I write on the 25th November. The turnout included two sixty year old Merlins, number 6 and the recently restored 36 – Ian Procter’s first Merlin and the boat that inspired him to design many others and develop aluminium spars.

It was also the first outing for a just-restored Unit and there were other regulars including a fine wooden International Canoe, various designs of Finn and Merlin, and various old boats representing many of the well known current classes – and there would have been more but for forecast strong winds that put off some people with rather more delicate boats.


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