Pilot Gig Championships, 2016

Read more here. This is fabulous footage, but if you like soundtracks to be in keeping,  you may want to turn this one down…

My thanks to boatbuilder Nick Smith for posting this on his Facebook account. Catch up with some of Nick’s latest stuff here.

The Great Big Cornish Gig Project

Great Big Cornish Gig Project

A group of wounded war veterans have built a Cornish pilot gig named Valiant in the National Maritime Museum Cornwall’s workshops at Falmouth, and a few days ago set out on an ambitious row to the Scillies.

The project is supported by National Maritime Museum Cornwall and military charities including the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant scheme and Help For Heroes. It was originally an idea developed by Mike Selwood and Andy Wyke NMMC, and the build was led by boat builder Andrew Nancarrow.

Along the way, the team of veterans have trained in boatbuilding skills, build a gig, learned to row and will compete in the 2016 World Pilot Gig Championships.

The project doesn’t have its own website, but there’s this page at the NMMC website and a few bits and pieces on the NMMC Twitter account – and this Facebook  page, which looks as if it will likely be the best source of information on their progress, though time will tell.

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Surf Boat ’38 – 1930s thrills and spills on Bondi Beach

My thanks to excellent dinghy designer and sail maker Mik Storer for passing this one along.