Boat Building Academy student launch 23rd November

It’s nearly time for one of the BBA’s great annual events – the autumn-winter student launch, which this year takes place at Lyme Regis on the 23rd November. (The photo above is from last year’s event.) They’re inviting folks to join the celebrations, which begin at 12:00 when five boats built or restored by the … Continue reading “Boat Building Academy student launch 23rd November”

Woodworking skills at the BBA – Pete Bromwich’s experience

My long-time friend Pete Bromwich recently attended a 12-week woodworking skills course at the Boat Building Academy at Lyme Regis. Naturally, I was curious, and asked him to pen a shot report about it… And here’s what he had to say. Many thanks for taking the time to write Pete! ‘I wanted to improve my woodworking … Continue reading “Woodworking skills at the BBA – Pete Bromwich’s experience”

BBA student launch, June 2015

The Boat Building Academy’s class of September 2014 launched eight boats in bright but blustery weather at Lyme Regis last month. I’ve put up lots of photos because I feel they convey the busy atmosphere of the event! Around three hundred people gathered at the slipway to see the student-built or student-renewed boats were launched for the first time. Following a … Continue reading “BBA student launch, June 2015”