Photos from the Norfolk Broads, summer 2016

We’re just back from a week on the Norfolk Broads, and I guess I should put some of my photos here! Among the photos are boats (and a dog) at Hickling staithe, thatched boathouses, Roundhead graffitti in the parish church, a Phil Redmond-designed Whisp rowing and sailing skiff, windpumps, the door of the Lion pub at … Continue reading “Photos from the Norfolk Broads, summer 2016”

Pickle Night on board HMS Pickle at Vilamoura

Pickle Night, the 5th November, is a well known occasion in the Royal Navy, when  warrant officers celebrate the original HMS Pickle’s celebrated very fast nine-day voyage in 1805 to bring news of the victory at Trafalgar and Nelson’s death back to Britain. (By comparison, commissioned officers celebrate Trafalgar Night.) Captain Dennis Dixon, who recently spent a happy Pickle Night on … Continue reading “Pickle Night on board HMS Pickle at Vilamoura”

The Lifeboat, by George R Sims

  The Lifeboat By George R Sims Been out in the lifeboat often? Ay, ay, sir, oft enough. When it’s rougher than this? Lor’ bless you! this ain’t what we calls rough! It’s when there’s a gale a-blowin’, and the waves run in and break On the shore with a roar like thunder and the … Continue reading “The Lifeboat, by George R Sims”