Racing with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston aboard Suhaili

SS Robin – an update, and an illustrated article

Regular readers may remember some posts a few years back explaining the preservation and re-purposing plans for the 1890-built SS Robin – the steam coaster that is said to be the oldest in the world and as significant as the Cutty Sark. Read about her here,  here and here. Things have been a bit quiet, but an … Continue reading “SS Robin – an update, and an illustrated article”

Quentin Robinson, ship in a bottle maker

Suffolk resident Quentin Robinson wrote a few days ago to describe his adventures with model ship and ship in a bottle making, together with this gallery of photos. Thanks Quentin! Here’s what he had to say: ‘I was at a loose end. It was a Sunday and there was a boot fair on, so I headed down to … Continue reading “Quentin Robinson, ship in a bottle maker”