Keble Chatterton analyses the astonishing Portuguese muleta

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] Portuguese muleta illustration from The Story of Sail by GS Laird Clowes and Cecil Trew. Click on the image to see some of the amazing details, including the weird sails at the stern E Keble Chatterton’s book Fore and aft craft – the story of the fore and aft rig turns out to be a fascinating … Continue reading “Keble Chatterton analyses the astonishing Portuguese muleta”

The astonishing Portuguese muleta

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] The astonishing Portuguese muleta fishing boat – download a larger image here Rooting around in my pile of old books, I found this illustration, which reminded me of a model of the muleta I saw as a boy in the London Science Museum, which has a fantastic collection of models of craft from … Continue reading “The astonishing Portuguese muleta”