Mouseboats at Port Aransas

Boats and boating are such a blessed relief from the woes and divisions of the world. So an email from Gerard Mittelstaedt about a bunch of kids building Mouseboats at Farley Boat Works at Port Aransas, Texas (it’s not far from Corpus Christi) had me grinning from ear to ear, as emails like this /always/ … Continue reading “Mouseboats at Port Aransas”

Mouseboats built and launched at Faversham

Folks on a training course at the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier Building led by local boatbuilder and repairman Alan Thorne have been building Mouseboats to my free plans – and yesterday they launched four of them on a pond at the head of the Creek. A good crowd turned out to cheer and witness the event, and even the local press … Continue reading “Mouseboats built and launched at Faversham”

Mouseboat building at the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier Building workshops

Here’s a sight to gladden a chap’s heart – five Mouseboats being built at boatbuilder Alan Thorne’s workshop in the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier Building. (To contact Alan, see the little ad in the left hand column of this weblog.) The project is part of a Department for Business, Innovation & Skills training programme, and I’m … Continue reading “Mouseboat building at the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier Building workshops”