Medway Queen back home in the Medway

Despite the controversy, there’s something that touches the soul about seeing the newly re-hulled paddle steamer Medway Queen on her home river again. I only hope some kind of regulatory miracle can be achieved that will make it possible for her to carry passengers. Her new riveted hull may be an accurate reproduction of the … Continue reading “Medway Queen back home in the Medway”

Track the Medway Queen’s progress back to the Medway

  The Medway Queen Preservation Society has announced that tug Christine is now on her way to Bristol to tow the 1924 paddle steamer Medway Queen to her new home at Gillingham – and you can track their progress over the Internet. When Christine arrives at Bristol and all necessary surveys are complete and certificates have been issued, Medway … Continue reading “Track the Medway Queen’s progress back to the Medway”

Medway Queen to return to the Medway shortly

  Paddlesteamer Medway Queen is now afloat at her Bristol shipyard following major repair and restoration work, and preparations are being made to return her to the River Medway – when this will be depends on the availability of the tug to be used and then the state of tides and the weather. The tug … Continue reading “Medway Queen to return to the Medway shortly”