Medway and Swale boating conference 9th March 2019

The Medway and Swale Boating Conference on Saturday 9th March will be looking at a range of topics including the very future of sailing and sailing clubs. Sailing and clubs in particular are facing a decline in participation brought about by social and economic changes. The conference’s first key speaker will be Liz Rushall, a … Continue reading “Medway and Swale boating conference 9th March 2019”

Fireworks over the river for the 350th anniversary of the Dutch Raid on the Medway

We raised the keel, sat on the mud of Hoo Flats, and drank a little orange-flavoured Dutch gin. Well you might too, if one of you was half-Dutch and the other also had some of his own Dutch history…

The Raid on the Medway on the BBC website

‘The whiff of gunsmoke, burning timber, pitch and tar. Warships ablaze, flames shooting through gunports, the smoke visible for miles along the north Kent coastline. This is the scene that would have greeted eyewitnesses following the Dutch raid along the River Medway in June 1667. ‘Carried out over several days, it targeted the English fleet … Continue reading “The Raid on the Medway on the BBC website”