Recommended CD: Sam Larner, the singing fisherman of Winterton

Many of us are thinking of Christmas presents, so here’s a little recommendation from me, priced at just ¬£16. Sam Larner (1878 – 1965) was a fisherman who lived at Winterton who late in life became legendary for the quality of his singing of old songs, and his extensive repertoire. This pair of award winning … Continue reading “Recommended CD: Sam Larner, the singing fisherman of Winterton”


Sam Larner, herring fisherman, talks and sings

Look what I’ve found! YouTubes in which Sam Larner, who spent his working life aboard drifters fishing for herring off the East Coast of Scotland and England, talks about his life and work, and sings the old songs. That particular fishery largely died out in the late 50s, so stand by to be fascinated, I … Continue reading “Sam Larner, herring fisherman, talks and sings”

The Wreck of the SS London

Simon Wills has written to say that he has just published¬†a book about the SS London disaster of January 1866, a very famous disaster of its time. It’s one that is sometimes said to have added to the pressure to make sbhips safer, and which led to the introduction of the Plimsoll Line. Here’s a … Continue reading “The Wreck of the SS London”