Ierne on the BBC

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] Ierne on the water – image from the Classic Sailing Club weblog There was a big treat for Fife yacht fans on TV on Sunday evening – recent film footage of the fabulous Ierne flying along the Humber Estuary. If you missed it and are in the UK you will be able to … Continue reading “Ierne on the BBC”

A classic duel between Fife yachts

Currently being restored by the Classic Sailing Club, the Fife-built classic 8-metre racing yachts Ierne and Truant will compete in the 8 Metre World Championships in July, and then in a re-enactment of the Jura Duel. The Duel was a famous challenge between the same two yachts in 1919, in which they raced from Crinan … Continue reading “A classic duel between Fife yachts”

Weblogs about traditional boats, restoration and boatbuilding

Tonight, I thought I should take a cue from Chine bLog and others, and write a little about some of the other weblogs that I link to in one of the panels on the right-hand side of I’m going to do this partly out of politeness, as some of them have kindly linked to … Continue reading “Weblogs about traditional boats, restoration and boatbuilding”