Voyage around Cape Horn by schooner, 1936

The schooner Wanderbird sails around South America. The captain, Warwick M Tompkins of Gloucester, Massachusetts, later wrote a book about the journey, Fifty South to Fifty South.

Beautiful photography from Judy and Tom Robinson-Cox

Judy and Tom Robinson-Cox are part of the Rocky Neck Art Colony, based in Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts. The boats, needless to say, are fabulous. I’ve never seen film of a pinky under way before, so this film is quite a treat just for that!

Film about the commercial potential of British canals, 1962

Television reporter Robert Reid takes a journey on the British Waterways tug Primrose from Avonmouth Docks to Worcester calling at Sharpness and Gloucester Docks in a film made to promote the commercial use of waterways before the age of the container. My thanks to Hans-Christian Rieck for spotting this one.