Tim Bush builds a Mersea Duck Punt

Minnesotan Tim Bush has got in touch to tell us about the Mersea Duck Punt that he’s recently built. He is clearly very pleased with it. Here’s what Tim has to say: ‘A few years back you had featured some articles on the Mersea Duck Punts. Having recently built and sailed one I have some … Continue reading “Tim Bush builds a Mersea Duck Punt”

First time boatbuilder Andrew Bartlett builds a John Milgate Duck Punt

Down on our South Coast, Andrew Bartlett has built a Duck Punt to designer John Milgate’s plans, and is delighted with it! Here’s what he says – and there’s also a short video at the bottom of this post. I find myself very drawn to these little boats, not least because they appeal to my … Continue reading “First time boatbuilder Andrew Bartlett builds a John Milgate Duck Punt”

A Duck Punt builder’s weblog

This is Rusty Knorr’s weblog recording how he has built – and now loves – his Duck Punt. On his page you’ll find he has lso put up a couple of YouTubes of himself sailing it, during which, rather marvellously, nothing much happens. The cold blue sky above and the trickling of the water below … Continue reading “A Duck Punt builder’s weblog”