Quick – see curraghs in action on the BBC

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] A happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all our readers! As I write, we’ve just watched an excellent segment of the BBC series Coast covering the West Coast of Ireland, including some great stuff about curraghs and an interview with Tim Severin of Brendan Voyage fame. I’m telling you all this because … Continue reading “Quick – see curraghs in action on the BBC”

Curraghs caught in action on YouTube

Court of the Silver King curragh at Clovelly, seen on YouTube I can’t remember what took me to the the Court of the Silver King website, but while I was there I learned that our salmon-admiring friends are now engaged in building their third curragh – they must be pretty experienced by now. I also … Continue reading “Curraghs caught in action on YouTube”

The curraghs of Ireland

Here are some hugely informative chapters from an old book by James Hornell describing the curraghs of Ireland. It’s a most impressive piece of work, and covers rowing and sailing curraghs, coracles and a kind of long paddling curragh variant I wasn’t previously aware of. If you want to get into curragh building, this book … Continue reading “The curraghs of Ireland”