Steam yachts of a century ago, from Jeff Cole’s collection

    Dodo, Valhalla and Consuelo Today’s gallery of photos are of steam yachts, and they belong to a collection that Jeff Cole acquired back when he was a teenager. Except for Dodo he says they are all private steam yachts, mostly photographed at Cowes, and wonders what what happened to them? On some odd cuttings … Continue reading “Steam yachts of a century ago, from Jeff Cole’s collection”


A quick query from Jeff Cole

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] What would the letters ‘PIN’ stand for on the sails of a pilot boat? Regular reader Jeff Cole wants to know because he’s considering buying a painting – but sadly he can’t show us a photo of it yet. I’m puzzled, because my understanding is that they usually show a single large number.

A junk and some Ozzie sunsets from Jeff Cole

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] Jeff Cole’s been busy moving house, and turned up this splendid painting of a junk. Here’s what he said about it: ‘Hi Gavin, my house move(s) are going along, a very exhausting process mate! Here’s a pic that might interest the viewers of your site. ‘My maternal great grandfather was an officer in … Continue reading “A junk and some Ozzie sunsets from Jeff Cole”