Mike Carr builds an Apple Pie dinghy (free plans) and has fun…

I love his evident pleasure when he rows the little boat for the first time! Download free plans for this handy little boat.

Cargo carrying dhows film

This striking video comes from the Facebook page Historic Vessel Vega, which belongs to SailVega, a charity that operates the 120-odd year old Norwegian built vessel, delivering donated educational and medical supplies to isolated island communities in South East Asia.┬áDonate here. Here’s another from the same source:

A film history of Thames Estuary gravel carriers Prior’s

This is a┬ábeautifully made film history of Prior’s – their small gravel-carrying ships are a familiar sight for anyone sailing the north side of the Thames Estuary. My thanks to Paul Mullings for the link. Here’s a photo of one of Prior’s vessels that I took earlier this year.