Frank Carr writing on bawleys

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] ‘The Leigh bawleys which formĀ  the subject of Mr Mason’s drawing are a type that it is indeed a pity to see vanishing from the Thames Estuary and giving place to a class of modern motor craft, less pleasing in design, where sails are but auxiliary to power.’ Frank Carr describes the history … Continue reading “Frank Carr writing on bawleys”

Bawleys off the Nore

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] Bawley’s off the Nore drawing by Frank Mason This is the frontispiece from Vanishing Craft: British Coastal Craft in the Last Days of Sail by Frank G G Carr with drawings by Frank Mason. Published in 1934, the book was written by Carr with the aim of persuading the yachtsmen, curators and scholars … Continue reading “Bawleys off the Nore”

Some good news about the lovely bawley Thistle RR2

Here’s some great, encouraging news from Faversham’s Lena Reekie, a traditional boat enthusiast well known for organising various local boating events: ‘She is 130 years – a sad looking but beautiful lady. Thistle RR2 is the last of the Rochester bawleys, built by Gill in 1887. ‘She has a 34ft keel, 13ft beam and 5ft … Continue reading “Some good news about the lovely bawley Thistle RR2”