Joe Dobler’s car-topping technique in action

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] Mike Connelly spotted this excellent sequence of photos showing how Joe Dobler’s famous car-topping lift of 1946 works in practice. Thanks Mike – it’s scary to think that its already three and a half years since I first posted about Joe D’s cunning invention! See the photo sequence by clicking on the image … Continue reading “Joe Dobler’s car-topping technique in action”

Joe Dobler’s car-topping technique

Joe Dobler was a gifted engineer and pioneer plywood and epoxy boat designer. So it isn’t surprising that he should have come up with a neat way of putting a small boat on top of a car that might be seriously useful for those of you who sail lightweight canoes and other small boats.

Follow the duck – plans and boatbuilders’ stories at Duckworks magazine

[ad name=”intheboatshed-post”] Duckworks Magazine’s monthly bulletin linked to an reference to Joe Dobler yesterday, and I’d like to repay the compliment. For years now, Duckworks Magazine editor Chuck Leinweber has maintained a steady stream of fascinating posts about boats and boating, mainly concerning small boats and in particular home-built boats and occasionally restored older … Continue reading “Follow the duck – plans and boatbuilders’ stories at Duckworks magazine”