22 Square Metre project for sale, Bristol

Mark Rolt of Bristol Classic Boat Co has been in touch to let us know he has 22 Square Metre for sale in his yard.

Here’s what he says:

Chadrack was built in Sweden in 1947. She would be too expensive for a commercial repair, so is going cheap to an enthusiast who could make her work.

‘She needs re framing from the turn of the bilge to the keel, and quite a lot of planks.The deck is a bit thin too, but would possibly last another season. The rig and rigging are in brilliant nick though!

‘Basically she is for sale for the fittings and the lead keel and with not trailer, at £5000.

‘She was splined and we think refastened about 10 years ago, but now needs half a dozen new planks.

‘There is a strange patch of fibreglass (beautifully done, but why?) on both sides, for about 8’ midships from gunwhale to water line.

‘At the same time she had a new Collars mast and boom, and rod rigging made.’

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