Progress on the traditional fishing boat for Dungeness

Eric Paine and his team of two are making progress on the amazing new traditional fishing boat they are building, which is intended for use off Dungeness beach. Read an earlier post about the project here.

I always like a bit of video of the process of putting in the ribs; somehow to me it feels like the moment when a hull becomes a boat, and there’s something quite magical about those hot, flexible rigs as they go in.

Thank you so much for the video and pictures fellas!

6 thoughts on “Progress on the traditional fishing boat for Dungeness”

  1. Evening Gavin. It’s great to see one of these boats being built , my father skippered one of this type of boat (FE 102 Dayspring) out of Folkestone in the fifties.By the way we are opening the Folkestone Fishing and Heritage museum tomorrow 16th March after the winter break. This year we have included a new display remembering the Folkestone fishermen’s part in the rescue of the crew of Brandenburg in 1971

    1. It’s great to hear you’re still there and functioning – but I’m worried about you in this epidemic.

      If you decide to shut up shop for the coming months, I’m sure you could mount an appeal to keep you going, and I’d be happy to post about it.


  2. Why are the Oak ribs black? Have they been treated with something? Is that the standard practice on these Kent boats? I’ve never seen that before in boats in the West Country… Intrigued!

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