Learn to sail in five words, from Michael Storer

Our boat designing and sailmaking pal Mik Storer has decided to share what he’s learned over the years about beating – arguably the most challenging and important point of sailing.

‘Many beginner sailors find sailing upwind more intimidating that it needs to be this explanation will give you an understanding that you can practice next time you go sailing – a basic lesson for beginners and some ideas that will also help intermediate sailors.’

2 thoughts on “Learn to sail in five words, from Michael Storer”

  1. Thanks so much Gavin,

    I’m building a whole bunch of lessons, hopefully taking a new direction compared to most sailing books.


    A lot of the newer techniques actually make sailing a lot simpler. And I see how the amount of terminology in most books and courses put people off in the first few pages. I’ve learned a lot about teaching by living in the Philippines – I can’t teach a lot of words. Up, Down, Boom, Luff, Luffing, sheet in, sheet out are really enough.

    So I’m growing the number of lessons into much more than just the upwind section.

    Downwind sailing in gusts, Safe gybing and faster gybing, and much more.

    Thanks Gav!


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